About us

I spent some of the happiest years of my life in a small farm in the Agadir region of Morocco.winter-oils

Every morning was different from the previous one. When the sun of the day began to warm the earth, I could feel the fragrant odors of the flowers and plants of our aromatic garden. When the weather was cold and damp, their aroma was less exhilarating, less intoxicating, even when the leaves were crushed to make our products. You may not believe me, but some days I felt particularly attracted to a plant among a thousand. And I always noticed that I needed her!

To prepare my natural products, I use many essential oils. It was at the end of the 1990s, the oils of good quality were quite rare on the market, and really not easy to find that’s why I started to make them by myself. I must say here a big thank you to the sun of Morocco: Without him, our results would not have been excellent! He made an effort of his soft warmth; my plants are swallowed with precious substances. It was enough to extract their delicate essences to obtain powerful essential oils.

One fine day I decided to give up my life of routine, my ground of 8 ha, to transform me into “nomad”. At the wheel of my mobile home, I had only one idea in mind: discover medicinal herbs that I did not know. Morocco offered itself to me, immense, like a gigantic field of investigation! Today, I and my family … We still have not abandoned this way of life.

To tell you the truth, I never leave the wooden box in which I store my essential oils and my dried medicinal plants. I enjoy daily the benefits of aromatherapy, and never in the same way. Every day, I always love these plants and I get to know a little better the virtues of their magic essences.